16 emballages de Noël aussi Insolites que Râtés !

16 emballages cadeaux noel fail insolite


Quand certains s’appliquent à faire de jolies papiers cadeaux et emballages pour leurs cadeaux de noël, d’autres s’en foutent royalement et font comme ils peuvent !

Entre poche plastique et autres râtés, voici une compilation du meilleur du pire des emballages de cadeaux de Noël !


1. So no one could afford enough wrapping paper to cover the escape hatch?

2. Unless that's a bottle of wine in there, this kid is in for it

3. Nothing says "I love you" like Styrofoam and packing tape

4. That look on her face definitely says she's too impressed for words

5. Hidden holiday message or just crappy timing?

6. Oh, come on, dude! You're not even trying!

7. What it looks like when you blow your budget on the present and don't have any cash for wrapping paper

8. Because electrical tape is so much more subtle than scotch tape

9.This custom wrapping paper of one dad is cringeworthy enough to make anyone go nuts.

10. Last minute effort or lazy genius? You decide!

11. Wrap your expensive gifts in garbage and recycling to save a few bucks this Christmas!

12. Because this is how Jesus intended us to celebrate his birthday *facepalm*

13. This person is either too lazy for their own good or they're cruising for a bruising

14. This person designed their own wrapping paper with party foul Santa

15.You could wrap a bar of gold in that wrapping paper and it would still ruin the present

16. It's not even wrapping paper. That's a confetti hat at best!


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